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Beginner ESL Conversation Group Lessons 

Introduction/Teacher's Notes 
Lesson 1 Introductions, basic personal information, alphabet, numbers, singular pronouns.
Lesson 2 Clocks and calendars, cardinal and ordinal numbers, bus/train schedules, time and dates. 
Lesson 3 Calendars and schedules, dates, simple present tense. 
Lesson 4 Families and relatives, plural pronouns, articles, to be and to have, family trees.
Lesson 5 Clothing, colors and sizes, shopping and prices, paying by cash or check, contractions.
Lesson 6 Food, supermarkets, asking questions to find items, prices, forms of payment.
Lesson 7 Rooms in a house, furniture, prepositions, sentence structure, contractions.
Lesson 8 Neighborhoods, maps and directions. prepositions, contractions.
Lesson 9 Parts of the body, common ailments and remedies, medical appointments, should.
Lesson 10 Jobs and professions, problems at work, past tense, irregular verbs, contractions. 


Health Literacy for English Conversation Groups

This set of lessons is designed to be used wiht English Conversation Groups who are interested in discussing health and healthy living. Each unit includes enough activities for two or three group sessions. 

Healthy Eating Lesson
Healthy Eating handouts
Medicine Labels lesson
Medicine Labels handouts
Doctor's Office Lesson
Doctor's Office handouts
Student evaluation 
Pre/post student survey


Talking up a Storm: Activities for ESOL Conversation Groups

We created Talking up a Storm to help programs establish ESOL Conversation Groups. The lessons were written by experienced conversation group leaders in order to help tutors who are new to leading conversation groups get started. We also hope that some of the lessons or activities can be useful to experienced group leaders who are looking for new ideas. This curriculum consists of eight, two-hour lessons. The lessons are designed for Intermediate and Advanced ESOL students. 

Click here to download Talking up a Storm (pdf). 


Destination: U.S. Citizenship

The purpose of this mini-course is to enable students meeting the criteria to be able to pass the test and to become citizens of the United States.The mini-course consists of eight, two-hour lessons. ESOL students taking this mini-course should be at least at an Intermediate level. The course focuses on the civics, history, and vocabulary needed to pass the test and the interview. The course is designed to be used with the book Citizenship Passing the Test: Civics and Literacy.  
Click here to download the Destination: U.S. Citizenship lessons

Click here to download the Destination: U.S. Citizenship handouts and the N-400 application


Technology in Action: A Course in Digital Literacy

This 8-lesson, 16 hour mini-course is designed to help students practice the technology we use in everyday life- whether they use a computer, tablet, or smart phone. It is organized into three units: Communicating with People (email, evites, email security & management, calendars, texting); Using the Internet (web searches, internet security, filling out forms, finding resources); and Documenting Your Life (photo archiving & sharing, using the cloud, intro to social media). Lessons can be downloaded at: http://literacynjtech.weebly.com/


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