Americorps Seniors RSVP Volunteer Opportunities

Americorps Seniors RSVP

After every tutoring session, I feel lifted up by students who are working to learn and to grow in their lives. I have learned so much about the world from my students and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in their lives as they pursue their goals.                   - Louise, Mt Laurel, NJ 


All volunteer activities can be done in-person or remotely and training will be provided. 

Seniors in Burlington County can sign up to participate in our AmeriCorps program by contacting us at (609) 877-5566 or

Seniors in Union County can sign up to participate in our AmeriCorps program by contacting us at (908) 486-1777 or

Long-term Volunteer Opportunities (1+ year)

Reading and Writing tutoring

Teach adults how to read or improve their reading skills so they can get a better job, obtain their driver’s license, or pass the GED/HSE exam.

English as a Second language tutoring

Plan goal centered lessons to prepare students to talk to their child’s teacher, succeed at a job interview, and ask questions at the grocery store.

Americorps Senior Community Board Member

Join our community board to influence policy and promote senior volunteer engagement in your community.

Coaching online learners

Coach students through online/asynchronous lessons. Answer their questions and encourage them through their digital literacy and Pre-HSE modules.


Short-term Volunteer Opportunities

Citizenship class tutor

Help prepare students for the US Citizenship exam. Tutors will teach students history, civics and N-400 (US Government citizenship application) vocabulary to pass their exam.

Job Skills class tutor 

Assist students with goal setting, career planning, job searching, resume writing and interview skills using our 12 week curriculum.

GED/HSE tutor

Prepare students for the GED/HSE exam in our 12 week program.

Pre-HSE/GED group tutor

Help students improve their reading and math skills so they can transition to a GED/HSE program. Tutors will use a 12 week curriculum to prepare students to transition to an HSE program or tutoring.

MLK Day event planning committee member

Each year Literacy NJ holds Martin Luther King, Jr. Day events around the state. Assist with planning and organizing the event to promote the values of Dr. King.


One Day Volunteer Opportunities

US Citizenship mock interviewer

Prepare students for the US Citizenship exams by acting as a mock interviewer. Interviewers will ask students civics, history and other exam related questions.

Mock Job Interviewer

Prepare students for their job interview. Act as a mock interviewer asking students questions.